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from Principles of Organic Synthesis

Go to sleep,
Tomorrow when you wake, you’ll still be here,
Day by day,
Tomorrow never changes, not anymore,

Eat, sleep, work, repeat, the lion’s share,
Of all the duties you must bear,
The going’s tough, at times, despair,
But keep on going, nearly there.
You’ve heard this story every day,
You know exactly what they say
It never changes, never fades,
Their expectations on display.

So when they finally go to sleep,
We know just where we’re gonna meet,
We pick the locks, remove the chain,
And roll it up and down the lane,
We’ll not be sheltered anymore,
We’ll see what Earth might have in store,
So put your arm around my sides,
Helmet on, and

All the way through the night,
Running the reds,
The lights of the town flashing colours we see as we fly,
Through the dark and starry skies,
Dodging the feds,
The taurus before us, the world at a distance looks fine,
And who are we to argue?
We've had life laid out for us, so rigid and flawless,
At the end of the day there's nothing to do but

We’ll make it through the night,
Inches from death,
The rubber on tarmac, oh don’t it just make you alive,
For the first time in your life,
Don’t let it end,
And for just a few moments it feels like we’ll all be alright,
And who are we to argue?
Leave your worries at the door, keep the pedal to the floor,
Cause at the end of the day there’s nothing to do but