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There is so much we have yet to understand about the Network. What determines which individuals will become Linked? What are the origins of the White Zone? I fear that the answers to these questions may cost more than we are willing to pay.
--Dr. Jonathan Monroe, head of the Network Research Division of ConnectiCorp
The Network, often simply referred to as “the Net”, is a magical series of interconnected information nodes that spans the globe. The Network is generated by large, blue spheres called Emitters, which generate areas of Network for their local regions and connect to other Emitters, allowing information and data to be stored and travel from one section of the Network to another, not unlike Earth's Internet.
People connect to the Network via magical devices called Connectors, which are designed so as to be able to connect to, transmit to, and receive information and data from the various Emitters. Connectors come in the form of devices similar to computers, smartphones, and satellite dishes. Some individuals are able to connect to the Network on a deeper level than other people, for reasons currently unknown to medical science. These people are known as the Linked.
The Linked are able to access a hidden part of the Network called the Subnet. Their access to the Subnet allows them to hack and manipulate Connectors, send, transmit, and receive information and data without using Connectors and, to some degree, manipulate reality and physics themselves. Some examples of the latter are being able to summon and manipulate fire at will, heal oneself or another person without medical assistance, or being able to summon drones.
The Linked are also able to access another plane of reality called the White Zone, which is connected to the Network in an as of yet unknown way. They are able to open and enter portals called Gates in places where the link between the physical world and the White Zone is strong, although doing so is dangerous, as the White Zone is filled with strange anomalies and often hostile creatures known as the White Ones. Sometimes, White Ones will open these portals on their own, traveling to the physical world to wreak havoc.