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These so-called White Ones are a menace to the safety and prosperity of our nation. They infiltrate our society, seeking to undermine everything we stand for. They appear from portals and attack innocent civilians. However, they are nothing to fear. I vow, as the man who represents our military, to extinguish this threat. If you suspect a fellow citizen of not being what they claim to be, do your duty as a citizen of Redland and report them to the local law enforcement. That is all.
--Commander Daniel Clarke, general of the Redlander military forces
The White Ones are creatures that originate from the White Zone, another plane of reality that is connected to the Network in some way. They are able to open and enter portals called Gates in places where the link between the physical world and the White Zone is strong, allowing them to travel to the physical world to wreak havoc. They can be roughly divided into three different groups: Horned, Feral, and Abominations.
Horned are sapient, humanoid White Ones that are similar in appearance to humans, but with the differences of having horns, white skin, and spiked tails.
Feral are animal-like White Ones that look similar to animals from the physical world with the addition of traits unusual to their counterparts, like having multiple heads, being larger than normal, or always having white fur/skin.
Abominations are White Ones that vary wildly in appearance, intelligence, and are usually hostile to everything else.
Horned live in what are essentially mirror versions of places in the physical world, such as major cities, although the mirror versions are usually less populated and more dilapidated. The Horned often travel to the physical world to escape the horrors of the White Zone, trying to blend in with the society of the physical world. Horned are Linked by default, are capable of minor shapeshifting, and are able to create bonds with non-White Ones that allow them to link their minds and share their Linked abilities.

Frankly, I find Replicas rather... disturbing, to say the least. All this talk about freeing them and how that's bad because they boost the economy... Nonsense! We should just destroy them all! They're no better than White Ones. They don't belong amongst us. Everything about them is fake. Their emotions, their looks... They're a poison
--Member of the public, interviewed in a live newscast
Replica are synthetic individuals designed to imitate the appearance of the other races. They are inorganic, made of plastic and metal, although the skin-like material that covers their bodies serves to make non-Replica feel more comfortable around them. They are manufactured by ConnectiCorp, your friendly neighbourhood mega-corporation.
Replica are manufactured for the purpose of being sold to non-Replica citizens to serve as workers, caretakers, and even soldiers when sold to other nations. When a citizen of Redland purchases a Replica, they also purchase a Contract, which can be bought by and transferred to other citizens via the legal system with the owner's consent. These Contracts are taxed by ConnectiCorp; failure to pay this tax will result in the Replica being claimed by ConnectiCorp and being either sold or drafted into the army.
Replica are, by default, connected to the Network, which functions both as their power source and also the place from which they derive their sapience. They are Linked to the local Emitter. Most Replica will power off if they attempt to travel too far from the reach of their designated Emitter's signal, unless their connection is manually transferred to another one, however there are certain Replica built without this limitation, as their line of work may involve a large amount of travel or similar.

Them fuckers are weird. I saw one sitting on the bench at the bus stop one time. He was so loaded with cybernetic parts I thought he was a robot at first. He had a sandwich, and, like, he didn't even chew it. He just, he just swallowed it whole. You ask me, they should just go straight back to the sea.
--@DanEtnaKassia, post on local forum
The Sathe are a race of bipedal aquatic water dragons native to the world's oceans. Standing up to seven feet tall, they are the second tallest race next to the Utval. They have gills that allow them to breathe underwater, although they are also capable of breathing on land. They have created several vast underseas empires and kingdoms, ruling the world's waters as the only race native to them. They are known for having a tendency to swallow their food whole, having evolved detachable jaws.
Over the last two centuries since the reactivation of the Network, a good portion of the population has moved to the surface, as Emitters cannot function underwater. Since arriving, many Sathe have come to have an obsession with technology, including cybernetic modifications. It is estimated that just under half of the Sathe population lives on land.
Since their original campaigns of conquest against the surface in the first few years after the reactivation of the Network, a number of different Sathe nations have been founded on the surface. Although they have a hand in international trade, diplomatic relations with these nations are often minimal, as many still hold grudges against them and say that the Sathes' land should still belong to its original owners.

When one explores the White Zone, it's never a bad idea to bring an Utval with you if you know one. They're almost always willing, probably know a lot more about it than you do and, should you encounter anything less than friendly, they can scare it off with little less than a glare.
--Member of the exploratory portion of the ConnectiCorp Network Research Division
The Utval are a race of tall, bipedal humanoids native to the Zahgis island chain, also known as the Gaslands. Like all other plant and animal life on Zahgis, the Utval have evolved to metabolise the extremely high concentrations of sulphurous, chlorinous and ammonia gases that collect in the area, as opposed to being poisoned by them. They are the tallest race in the world, standing up to ten feet tall.
After the Network was reactivated, the Utval left their homeland for the first time, using bulky environmental suits to breathe in the lands of other races. Prior to first contact, Zahgis had been assumed to be an uninhabited wasteland, due to its local atmosphere. The Utvals' suits add a special mixture of gases similar to the air of their homelands to the air in their lungs, allowing them to breathe. Their suits, along with their tall and bulky physiques, often make them sem intimidating to the other races.
In the year 185, for unknown reasons, all of the active Emitters in Zahgis malfunctioned and exploded, all in the space of a few hours. This devastated the existing Utval nations, and the mixture of carcinogens released caused disfiguring mutations in many of the Utval and the native wildlife of Zahgis. Since then, a great number of Utval have moved to other continents, taking an intense interest in studying the Network to determine the reasons behind the incident. Many Utval have come to believe that their kind are the descendants of the ancient race that created the network, although these claims are currently unverified.