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Connect With The Future
--slogan of ConnectiCorp
ConnectiCorp, headed by CEO Henry White, is the mega-corporation that governs the coastal nation of Redland, along with businesses, investments and territory all across the globe, producing weaponry and electronics and developing medicine and cybernetics, as well as providing Network service.
Its five main branches are:
Product Manufacturing - production and advertisement of products
Construction & Engineering - developing robotics and building structures
Pharmaceutical & Augmentation - developing medecine and implementing augmentations
Corporate Security - providing security for employees and property
Network Research - researching and developing Network-related services

Replicas are artificial, yes. Their feelings, thoughts, and bodies were all made in a factory. So what? That doesn't make them any less real.
--Member of the Replicated Rights movement
Replicated Rights is a global civil rights movement advocating for fair and humane treatment of Replica across the world. Since it's founding almost a decade ago, its members have made great progress in advancing their goals and ideals, convincing a number of different nations and corporations to pass laws giving equality to the Replica. However, many countries and companies remain unconvinced, the strongest opposition to them coming from ConnectiCorp as the Replica's original inventors and creators.

As officers of our proud police force, it is our duty to keep the streets free and safe from crime. Recently, there has been a major surge in criminal activity. The days ahead of us will be hard and unforgiving, but I feel that, with the proud men and women I see before me at my side, justice will prevail against lawlessness in the end.
--George Smith, during a speech
The HCPD is Hack City's law enforcement agency, headquartered downtown. It is responsible for keeping the peace, enforcing city laws and protecting the civilian populace. Headed by George Smith, the HCPD is currently focusing a great deal of its efforts and resources on uncovering and stopping the operations of the Slum Kings, High Towers, and Black Masks organized crime groups.

Not a day goes by that someone in the slums doesn't get murdered over a drug deal, trafficked into prostitution, or mugged in an alleyway.
--Resident of the slums
Hack City is home to a number of different organized criminal groups, the three largest and most powerful of them being:
The Slum Kings consist of the most aggressive and territorial gangsters in the slums, who profit off of robbery, extortion and drug dealing.
The High Towers are wealthier, existing as a mafia that is active over the uptown area.
The Black Masks are the shadiest, dealing in prositution, blackmail and assassination.